Womens Medical Centre Gold Coast: Dr Peta Concannon
Phone 07 55 20 6244


We provide comprehensive Women’s Medical Services including but not limited to:

General Check ups & Advice on Healthy Living

Diagnosis and Treatment of Thrush, Bacterial Vaginosis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Advice for Teenagers re Periods, Acne, Stress Management, Contraception

Routine Pap Smears

Advice about Follow Up and Treatment of Abnormal Pap Smears/Human Papilloma Virus

Routine Breast checks

Investigation of Breast Lumps

Breast Cancer Support

Oral Contraceptive Advice

Advice about other Temporary Forms of Contraception such as Implanon, IUDs

Advice about permanent sterilisation procedures such as Essure PBC and Tubal Ligation

Advice about Fertility Issues

Work ups prior to Referral for IVF

Pregnancy Confirmation & Options

Shared Antenatal Care (Pregnancy Care) with Private Obstetricians & Public Clinics

Postnatal Checks (6 weeks after having Baby) & Advice about Breast Feeding

Postnatal Contraception

Diagnosis and Treatment and Follow Up of Endometriosis

Diagnosis and Treatment and Advice about Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Investigation and Treatment of Gynaecological Problems such as Abnormal Spotting and Bleeding, Heavy Periods, Painful Periods, Pain with Intercourse


Abdominal and Pelvic Pain

Menopause Counselling

Treatment of Vaginal Dryness

Investigation and Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

Investigation of Postmenopausal Bleeding

Treatment and Prevention of Osteoporosis

Appropriate screening including referrals for bone density and colonoscopies and gastroscopies

Diagnosis and Treatment, where necessary, for Anxiety States, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive
Disorders, Grief and Loss, Eating disorders.

Referral to Reputable and Effective Psychologists to allow access to Medicare Rebates for their services

Screening those at risk who have family histories of certain ailments such as ovarian, bowel, breast cancer; heart disease; diabetes; high cholesterol: hypertension; thyroid problems.

Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid and other Endocrine Conditions

Management of Autoimmune and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Healthy Ageing


Our patients span all age ranges and we are happy to discuss any other issues that you might have that are not covered in the list above.

We welcome all new patients and also cater for international students and Papua New Guinea Nationals & Ex-Pats. Medical Staff welcome.

All procedures in our practice are performed by female doctors, not nurses or nurse practitioners.

Because our doctors have been working on the Gold Coast for many years they have established a reliable referral base of health professionals to provide you with quality specialist care and to help you navigate the health care system.