Womens Medical Centre Gold Coast: Dr Peta Concannon
Phone 07 55 20 6244


We recognise that it is important to have adequate time to discuss your health concerns with your doctor.

All our appointments are a minimum of 20 minutes.

We offer you a more specialised service than a traditional general practice so to ensure the smooth running of our practice we need your help.

Please indicate the urgency of your problem when you ring for an appointment so that the receptionist can organise a time to suit you. Usually she can give you an appointment on the same or next day or put you on a cancellation list.

If for any reason you cannot attend your appointment, please try to give us advanced warning (preferably 24 hours) so that we can fit in someone else who may be waiting.

Please try to arrive on time.

First consultations usually take a bit longer as they involve more detailed history taking.

It is our practice policy that you return for discussion of any pathology or radiology results so please organise a follow up appointment in 7 to 10 days.

You must see our doctor if you need a referral or a script.

We are a Private Practice and payment is on the day of consultation.

We bulkbill students and charge reduced fees for Pensioners.

Please ask our receptionist about fees and methods of payment when you ring for an appointment.

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