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1. Review of Pathology and Radiology:

It is practice policy for all our patients to return for review of any pathology or radiology tests that are ordered.

This is to ensure that all tests are appropriately followed up, that you understand the results , that you have copies of the results and have the Xrays for further reference.

Sometimes “normal” results are not the end of our investigations and sometimes tests need to be repeated in a few months to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Please book the follow up appointment for 7 to 10 days after initially seeing your doctor.

All Xrays, ultrasounds, mammograms, bone densities, CT scans are sent to us within 2 to 3 days of you having the test done. Your doctor will indicate when she thinks is the best time for you to return for results.

Please note that when you have these tests performed the people doing the tests are technicians only and are not able to give you accurate results. All films are read by doctors (radiologists) who release the final report to us, so even if you are told at Xray that everything is OK, you still must come and see us for the final result, so that nothing is overlooked.

Xray have been instructed not to give reported films to any patient unless your doctor has indicated an exception. This is to ensure proper follow up and to prevent people trying to interprete their own results (with the aid of the internet) which always results in extra stress unnecessarily.

2. Prescription Repeats

If you are on medication it is important that you are reviewed regularly even if you have been on the medication for a long time. Things do change, our doctors keep up with new developments, so sometimes new medications become available that may suit you better.

You must see the doctor when you require repeat prescriptions and please organise this appointment when you fill your last prescription. This normally gives you a month before you run out completely.

3. Specialist Referrals

If you are seeing a specialist for continuing review, please note that you require a referral every 12 months. Your doctor needs to see you to catch up with how things are going for you and check if any other matters outside the specialist’s area of expertise need to be followed up.

4. Billing

We are a Private Practice and are trying to offer a more personalised service than many GP practices are able to offer.

We believe in bulkbilling students so as to improve their access to services. We charge reduced fees for pensioners.

All other patients are privately billed.

There is a Medicare rebate claimable for all consultations and this usually covers about 50% of the cost.

Our operating costs are high and we receive no funding.

All initial consultations involve taking a past history as well as dealing with the concern which has brought you to the practice, and are usually long consultations.

Followup consultations may also be long if there are multiple issues to discuss or extra tests to be ordered.

Payment is on the day of consultation.

Please check when making your appointment about our curent methods of paymet and possible costs if this is an issue for you.

All ordinary pathology we order is bulkbilled. Some special tests such as Thin Prep (extra test on Pap smear) incur a co-payment, but if this is the case, the doctor will inform you.

We use reputable pathology and Xray companies that we have dealt with for years and respect their competency and reporting skills. Please have these tests done at the places we have referred you to. If you go elsewhere, it is often difficult for us to followup results and often we do not trust the accuracy of reports so may need to do extra tests. Please respect our knowledge in this area.

If costs are a concern, let us know and we can try to act on your behalf to reduce some of these.

5. Cancellations

Please wherever possible give us advanced warning if you are unable to keep your appointment. This is a courtesy we expect from all our patients.

Failure to do so, inconveniences not only our practice but other patients who need to be seen and may be waiting for an appointment.

6. Arrive on Time

Please try to arrive on time for your appointment. We recognise that the Gold Coast is a very busy place and traffic can be chaotic so please reckon this into your plans.

7. Appointment Times

We do endeavour to see our patients on time but sometimes this can be difficult due to factors beyond our control, for example, if we are dealing with sick, upset patients or have to follow up unexpected results.

Please be patient and rest assured that if you are ever in the position to require extra support and time, you will undoubtedly receive that extra time from us.