Womens Medical Centre Gold Coast: Dr Peta Concannon
Phone 07 55 20 6244


Dr Peta Concannon
has been dedicated to personally providing Health Care for the Women of the Gold Coast for the past 18 years.

Having worked in General Practice for a number of years, she saw many women who neglected their own health because of their family obligations and identified the need for Women to be able to access health advice for themselves in a setting quite separate from where their families were being seen.

So began
The Currumbin Beach Women’s Medical Centre.

Due to continued support from Gold Coast women, her practice operated successfully at Currumbin Beach until July 2009 when she relocated to her own premises in Burleigh Heads. Hence, the renaming to
The Women’s Medical Centre Gold Coast.

Dr Peta maintains an active interest in new developments in Women’s Health and in improving access to these services both in Australia and in the Pacific.

She has a Medical Degree from the University of Queensland and a Masters Degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University.

She believes that patients need to feel comfortable with their doctor and aims to assist her patients to take control of their own health.

She rejects the notion of “five minute medicine” and believes that continuity of care results in better health outcomes.

Her other medical interests include Travel Medicine and International Health, and Health Education and Promotion.

Her nonmedical interests including Oceanic Art, Documentary Film Production, Photography and Travel.


She is very interested in people

and has learnt many positive things

from her patients over the years

and continues to do so every day.